Gas Aggregators Association of Nigeria (GasAAON) promotes natural gas as a clean and efficient source of energy, to drive demand and increase industry participation

We play a prominent role in promoting a vibrant and sustainable gas industry through engagement, discourse, and dialogue with key stakeholders. GasAAON’s purpose is to facilitate the growth of Nigeria’s natural gas sector through aggregation, to drive demand and deepen industry participation.

Nigeria Gas Stats (Million Cubic Ft)

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Services Offered by our members

Power Generation

GasAAON members include power generation companies that use LPG as a source of energy to generate electricity. These companies play a critical role in Nigeria's energy mix, helping to provide reliable and affordable electricity.

LPG Storage and Distribution

GasAAON members are involved in various level in LPG storage and distribution to approximately 160 million Nigerian homes, schools, hospitals, and industries, meeting their energy needs..

Gas Equipment and Fabrication

GasAAON members also include gas equipment manufacturers and gas storage fabricators who provide products and services for the storage and distribution of LPG/Gas in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

About Us

Gas Aggregators Association of Nigeria (GasAAON) is a representative body for LPG and natural gas aggregation and distribution industry in Nigeria. Our members include LPG aggregation and distribution companies, power generation companies, gas equipment manufacturers, gas storage fabricators, and service providers involved in the advancement and promotion of LPG/Gas in Nigeria.

Our mission is to promote the use of LPG/Gas as a clean and reliable energy source that can meet the energy needs of Nigeria’s growing population. We work closely with our members to improve the efficiency and safety of LPG/Gas storage and distribution, and to develop new technologies and applications that can expand the use of LPG/Gas in different sectors of the economy.

Through our advocacy efforts, we create a favorable policy environment for the LPG industry in Nigeria, and we build partnerships with key stakeholders in government, business, and the civil society. Our key objective is to contribute to Nigeria’s sustainable developments by promoting a cleaner, more efficient, and more affordable energy sector for all.


The energy for today and the future

Nigeria Gas Sector

The discovery of oil and gas in Nigeria dates back to 1956, when Shell-BP discovered it in Oloibiri in the Niger Delta. Nigeria became an oil producer in 1958 with the first oil field producing 5,100 bpd. Since then, the gas industry has been a crucial source of income and revenue for the Nigerian economy. In February 2021, the Nigerian gas sector contributed about 9% of the entire GDP of the nation.

Nigeria is the second-largest gas producer in Africa, and its gas reserves are the largest in Africa, with over 200 Tcf of proven gas reserves. The gas from the Niger Delta basin comes in two types: light and comparatively heavy. Both types are paraffinic and low in sulfur. As Europe seeks new suppliers of gas to replace imports from Russia, Nigeria is frequently referenced as a key partner to help the continent meet its shortage of gas. However, a new report challenges this established narrative and argues that Nigeria has even more to gain by focusing on the growth and potential of its domestic gas industry and position its export sector towards its immediate neighbourhood and Asia.


Join us in advancing the use of LPG/Gas for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future in Nigeria.


Fellowship is a full member who has distinguished himself/herself in the promotion or advancement of LPG/Gas in Nigeria. Honorary fellowship will be conferred on individuals who are not members but have contributed in advancement of the use or storage of Gas in Nigeria.


This category of membership is open to such persons involved in LPG/Gas Aggregation companies, LPG Gas distribution industry, Gas transmission companies, Gas equipment manufacturers, Gas fabricators, service providers and scholars within the LPG/Gas distribution sector are eligible for full membership of the Association.
A full member possesses voting rights and such other rights as the Association may, from time to time, determine.