Membership Benefits

The benefits that your company can enjoy

You or Your company can enjoy several benefits as a member of GasAAON, which can be classified into the following categories:


GasAAON is a leading advocate for the use of natural gas as an energy source for a sustainable future. As a prominent voice in the gas industry in Nigeria and worldwide, GasAAON provides valuable connections to various international organizations.

GasAAON serves as a gateway for companies seeking international opportunities and exposure by providing access to global, regional, and sector events. By promoting its member companies internationally, GasAAON helps to increase their visibility and reach.

In addition, GasAAON offers business opportunity matching services for its members, helping to connect them with potential partners and customers. With GasAAON’s support, members can unlock new business prospects and take advantage of the benefits of natural gas.

Gas Procurement Discount

The association is able to offer its members discount in the procurement of LPG/Gas by leveraging several mature channels.

Safety awareness campaign

Members are informed of globally acceptable safety protocols to be used in their day to day operations in managing industry risk.


GasAAON is committed to promoting the personal and professional development of key personnel in the gas industry. Through a range of initiatives including conferences, forums, tea talks, and working committees, GasAAON provides a platform for individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge.

GasAAON has a deep understanding of the national and international gas business, and leverages this expertise to organize conferences such as the National Energy Forum and other industry-related talks and forums for the benefit of its members.

To provide members with exposure to the latest industry developments, GasAAON also arranges technical visits to plants and other facilities both locally and overseas.

GasAAON is passionate about promoting safety and integrity in the gas industry. To this end, it collaborates with universities to offer educational programs that equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the industry. The Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) is another initiative through which GasAAON advocates for gas usage among school students

Communication Tools

GasAAON utilizes a range of communication tools to keep its members up-to-date on the latest activities and events. These include:

  • Email blasts: Regular emails are sent out to members with updates on upcoming events, new initiatives, and other important news.

  • Quarterly newsletters: GasAAON produces a quarterly newsletter that provides in-depth coverage of its activities and initiatives, as well as industry news and analysis.

  • Informative website: GasAAON’s website is a valuable resource for members, providing information on upcoming events, industry news, and other relevant topics.

  • Social media: GasAAON maintains an active presence on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By sharing updates and engaging with followers, GasAAON helps to raise awareness of key issues and promote the use of natural gas.

  • YouTube channel: GasAAON’s YouTube channel features informative videos on various aspects of the gas industry. From educational content to coverage of industry events, the channel is a valuable resource for members seeking to stay informed and engaged.

By utilizing these communication tools, GasAAON is able to keep its members informed and engaged, and to promote the use of natural gas as a sustainable energy source.


GasAAON provides its members with a unique opportunity to exchange information with a large network of industry professionals. With over 130 members, GasAAON is a vibrant community that offers access to a larger international network through the International Gas Union (IGU) in more than 90 countries.

In addition to these formal channels of communication, GasAAON also facilitates quick knowledge transfer through personal contacts. Members have access to a platform where they can develop and maintain contact with new enterprises in the gas industry, allowing for the exchange of ideas and insights.

GasAAON recognizes the importance of networking and fosters meaningful connections between its members through social events, activities, and gatherings. Members can participate in technical visits, golf outings, industry dinners, forums, and other events that provide opportunities for networking and building relationships.

By offering these channels for information exchange and networking, GasAAON helps its members stay informed, connected, and engaged in the gas industry.